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Patient Testimonials

I have lost what I think is a great deal of my hearing over the last ten years due to sickness as a child. The past five years I have changed from one phone to another until I was referred to Dr. Narby's expertise . Dr. Narby fixed me up with Oticon connect line and I will never need to talk on any other phone again!! I have clarity on the phone that I have not experienced in ten years.

Dear Dr. Narby,

I just wanted to send you a little note thanking you for being a sensitive, caring, and understanding professional in helping me with my hearing difficulties.

The Oticon Dual hearing aides are just what I need. Once in place, I hardly realize they are there (and I wear glasses). In a breeze there is no roaring as there was with my previous half-shell hearing aides. Sound is so natural and clear it is great. An analogy I like to use is to describe trying to listen to someone talk in another room with the door closed. That is listening without the Oticon Duals. Then putting them in place is like listening to that same conversation with the door open and the speaker standing close to me. It's great! I would recommend them to anyone with hearing loss. I would also not hesitate to send them to your office for the help necessary to improve their hearing. Not only have you gained a new client but also a new friend.Gratefully, Rich B

Hello Dr. (Sue) Narby,

Bob asked me to write you a note to say life has been so much easier lately since Bob is now hearing in stereo as well as very clearly. He really notices a difference with these newer aids and has touted their usefulness to several others of our acquaintance. You may get some new patients from his tributes to YOU and the Dual hearing aids!

Thank you for your care of him and your suggestions as to how his life (and mine) can improve with better hearing ability.Thankfully, Lynn & Bob D